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Amity is a new concept of food for pets. With the support of a large group of producing range of dry foods for dogs and cats, Amity begins to penetrate into the country and internationally as a reliable and competitive brand. Betting of your production line to remove any process that guarantees an unhealthy product for your pet. At the forefront of technology infrastructure, an extrusion line of the largest and most modern in the sector at the international level are available for the production of Amity. With a production capacity of 20 tons per hour and optimized to produce large amounts of feed of economic ranges and average.

Amity is born by the need to offer something better for the pet food market. After the union of 4 of the most important brands in the industry, Amity deepens as a new concept of market, our product clearly in two competitive fronts and total versatility: Premium and Eco-line range.

PET FOOD REALLY is our Declaration of intent. The union between the pet and the man is our reason for being, Trust, honesty and friendship is the engine of a brand that was founded with the aim of offering the best for those who deserve the best: pets.


High Performance 15Kg


Senior&Light 15kg

Premium Mini Adult 3kg

puppy Premium 15Kg

Maintenance 15Kg

Activity 15Kg

Puppy small breed 20Kg

Puppy 20Kg

Cats Mix 20Kg

Cats Meat 4Kg

Adult 20Kg

Active 20Kg


Friends forever

Do you ever stopped to think a minute in our naming?
Amity is friendship. Amity is confidence, is love, is heart, is respect, is union.
We know that the relationship between a dog and its owner is important. And that in many houses the pet has a very important role. Humanize the relationship of animals is becoming more widespread behavior and it causes that our dogs and cats get a power supply that is at the height of what they deserve.

If the pet accompanies us at all times and we enjoyed with them of moments to remember, Why not take care of them as they deserve?
That is what we want in Amity, realities closer and closer the relationship between the person and your pet. Production processes of high quality and direct communication with the distribution channels for, at the end, the product reaches to the houses and direct dish of our best and most faithful companions: pets.


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